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  • About Phil France

    Qualified, experienced and local

    Phil France is a professionally qualified and experienced plumber, gas central heating and solar energy systems installation and maintenance engineer, based in Burniston, near Scarborough. Alongside his team they provide services across North Yorkshire.

    Industry and customer care

    Phil is a legally registered gas installer, also professionally qualified (by independent industry assessors) as a plumber, gas and solar energy engineer. He is professionally competent with both natural and LPG gas source work.

    Phil France provides you with an efficient, quality service at reasonable rates, and no extra hidden charges. He will provide you with honest advise from the initial enquiry. All new installations will also help improve your energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.



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  • Plumbing & Heating Services

    Phil and his team can tackle all your domestic water and heating plumbing needs, from new builds, extensions and renovation

    installations to general domestic leaks, repairs, servicing and maintenance work.

    Phil France Plumbing and Heating. North Yorkshire

    Quality plumbing & heating services at a fair price

    Phil France and his team undergo ongoing industry and product training to ensure they can provide current knowledge with a comprehensive plumbing service. As fully qualified, Gas Safe engineers too, they’re highly capable professionals who care about doing the best possible job at a fair price for all customers.

    • Arrive at the arranged time or keep you informed of any delays
    • Explain what the problem is and how we intend to fix it
    • Treat your property with respect, leaving it in as clean and tidy a state as possible
    • Provide you with all replaced or removed parts from your system
    • We charge honest prices and only for the work which needs to be carried out
    • We will be as much help as we can
    Plumber. Scarborough

    From everyday plumbing to installations & maintenance

    Including ...

    • Water leak trace and resolution
    • Blocked toilets, sinks pipes & drains
    • Burst pipe, floods and overflows
    • Toilet repairs & installs
    • Tap repairs & installations
    • Radiator issues. leaks, bleeding and powerflushing
    • Showers & pressure adjustments 
    • Hot water problems
    • Thermostat problems
    • Plumbing installations
    • Bathroom refurbishment
    • Pipework replacement
    • Water heater repairs & installs
    • Water tank installs
    • Full central heating system installs
    • Boiler install, servicing, fault finding and repair
    • Gas testing, repairs and certificates
    • Solar thermal panel installs
  • Central Heating Solutions

    Phil France and his team provides a comprehensive range of heating and hot water related services.

    From installation to maintenance and repair, it’s all done with economy and efficiency in mind.

    Central heating engineer. North Yorkshire

    Central Heating


    Heating your home without spending a fortune on your energy bill is a challenge we all face these days, and boilers account for around 55% of that bill.


    Replacing an old gas boiler with an A-rated high-efficiency condensing boiler and upgrading your heating controls, including thermostatic radiator valves, could save you as much as £310 a year. If a new boiler isn’t the plan for now, then you should make sure yours is serviced regularly as an inefficient boiler wastes money.


    Check your radiators too. If they are becoming slow to heat up, have cold spots or are making a knocking sound, there could be a blockage and their efficiency could be reduced by as much as 15%. The blockage is usually caused by sludge and scale which can sometimes build up in the radiators of older heating systems, preventing the water from successfully circulating. This can be removed by a flushing process (usually known as a Powerflush); chemical inhibitors are added to prevent sludge and scale reforming and slowing down the rate of corrosion. With your radiators working more efficiently, you’ll save even more money on your energy bills.

    Plumbing Services. North Yorkshire

    Hot Water Systems


    Your boiler’s working hard 24/7, but it’s important that all that hard work isn’t lost by having a poorly insulated hot water cylinder. Properly insulated cylinders prevent heat escaping, keeping your hot water at the right temperature for longer, so it’s there when you need it. Upgrading your hot water cylinder can save you around £45 a year.


    Unvented hot water cylinders are now the most popular option for new hot water systems. As they are fed directly from the mains water supply, the hot water flow rate is excellent and is delivered at mains pressure to every tap and showerhead in the home.


    Vented cylinders are connected by a pipe to the cold water tank, usually in the loft, and often need a pump to boost the flow rate around the property. The pump uses electricity, and may prove an expensive alternative to an unvented cylinder.

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  • Renewable Energy Solutions

    Phil France provides a comprehensive range of heating and hot water related services - which includes solar water heating systems.

    From installation to maintenance and repair, it’s all done with economy and efficiency in mind

    Solar water heating systems North Yorkshire

    Solar Thermal Panel Systems

    Solar water heating systems


    Solar water heating systems, or solar thermal panels, use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. A conventional boiler or immersion heater can be used to make the water hotter, or to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable. A well designed system can provide your household with 60% of your hot water needs.

  • Landlord Maintenance Services

    Phil France works with landlords to maintain properties by undertaking essential servicing and repairs to plumbing, gas heating, hot water and renewable energy systems. Not only does this help you fulfill their legal responsibilities, but extends the life of those systems and keeps running costs down, which benefits both landlord and tenant.


    Below are lists of services typically provided:

    Landlord Plumbing Services. North Yorkshire

    Plumbing Services

    Including ...

    • Blocked toilets, sinks pipes & drains
    • Burst pipe, floods and overflows
    • Water leak trace and resolution
    • Radiator & value issues
    • Tap repairs & installations 
    • Toilet repairs & installs
    • Pipework replacement
    • Plumbing installations
    • Water heater repairs & installs
    • Water tank installs


    Landlord Trade Services. North Yorkshire

    Heating Services

    Including ...

    • Appliance install, repair and servicing
    • Boiler install, servicing, fault finding and repair
    • Central heating installation and repair
    • Central heating pumps
    • Gas repairs
    • Gas testing & certificates
    • Immersion heaters
    • Radiator installs
    • Radiator leaks and bleeding
    • Power flushes
    Landlord Gas Safety Service. North Yorkshire

    Gas Services

    Including ...

    Phil can carry out all the annual gas safety checks to ensure that all ...

    • Gas supply pipework throughout the building is safe
    • Gas appliances are in good working order
    • Safety devices that form part of an appliance are working properly
    • Gas flues are working safely and are suitable
    • Gas appliances have enough ventilation
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  • Service Coverage

    Being Burniston, near Scarborough based, Phil and his team cover much of North Yorkshire,

    particularly across the YO postcode areas.